Thursday, October 18, 2007

Why Would you Hire a Marketing Coach

Have you ever thought that you would need some additional marketing help and not want to hire an agency? That's a perfect assignment for a marketing coach. A marketing coach can cut the learning curve for you. Its that simple. A good coach can get an better understanding of you and your business and do what it takes to help you run a good campaign, develop a new brochure or web site, establish a sales and marketing plan or come in on a contract basis and run your marketing department in times of need like maternity leave or when you just need someone to run a project. As a marketing coach with over 30 years of experience, I have been involved in variety of projects at all levels. Concept, design, execution, sales, sales strategies, marketing plans, advertising plans, strategic plans. Over the next few months we will focus in on specific project areas and answer questions and work with you out in Blog land to help you with your marketing needs. A good marketing coach will charge $1000 per month minimum and that will give you approximately 5 hours of marketing consulting time. The good thing about hiring a marketing coach is that there is little or no learning curve. So hope to see you back here. In our next session we will start talking about the basics of marketing and what makes good marketing sense.

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