Friday, September 3, 2010

The Centre of Excellence for Public Sector Marketing Helps the Public Sector Market.

If you are a lot like me and think that Federal, Provincial or Municipal governments lack marketing expertise, all one needs to do is look at the recent Ontario Government communications fiasco in launching the new Eco Tax in Ontario. The Eco tax is being called a levy by the Provincial government when in reality it’s a surcharge on a purchase that looks a lot like a tax. The government launched this program July 1st and has already had major complaints from both the consumer and retailers.

One of Canada’s major retailers Canadian Tire has already told the government it will not be charging the tax because it’s too confusing, complicated, does not provide a service to its customers and is hard to administer. On top of that, the provincial government actually lied to its residents saying that it will cost other $5million dollars for pulling the tax when it has over $73 million taxpayer dollars tied up in investments inside the ad hoc government department that is acting at the custodian of the funds.

The bottom-line for the Provincial Government of Ontario, a major marketing and communications blunder. So why is it that government organizations stumble, when it comes to giving constitutes the right information in a timely manner?

All you need to do is as Jim Mintz from the Centre of Excellence for Marketing in the Public Sector. Jim has dedicated his life to marketing, primarily in the public sector with Health Canada where he launched some of Canada’s most successful health campaigns. When it came time to retire, Jim left the government and setup of the Centre. CEPSM as it is called helps all kinds of public sector clients learn the ins and outs of marketing to Canadians. Jim’s group now consists of 17 associates many who had notable public sector careers in marketing, communications and advertising along with a team of younger associates that run the Centre’s Social Media, Web and advertising divisions.

Jim also taught marketing at Carleton University up until last year and regularly gives seminars and workshops on New and Social Media and Social Marketing which includes modifications of habits, beliefs, actions and views about many of the country’s major social and health issues. Jim eats, sleeps and talks marketing. He has developed strategies and launched campaigns for health, public safety, and has taught clients from almost every level of government on how to market their programs and services.

The Centre also has affiliated offices in Regina, Calgary, Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa. So the next time you see a public figure, group or organization needing help in marketing or communicating, give The Centre of Excellence for Public Sector Marketing a call. They can be found on the web at or contact Jim directly at

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