Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Non Profits Find New Path with New Networking Group

Formed by Alex Sirota, NewPath is a virtual consultancy based in Toronto, Canada comprised of a geographically disperse network of highly qualified information and knowledge consultants.

The group’s outward focus and marketing efforts are directed toward the Not-For-Profit and Social Enterprise sectors, and a significant proportion of its members have extensive experience with these client segments. The goal is to conceive, develop and implement technology initiatives that empower these organizations to reach their social mission objectives in a completely self-sustaining manner.

The group believes that highly effective, sustainable technology strategies can deliver high returns to the Not-for-Profit client to keep the social mission moving forward. The organization consist of a group of consultants that have wide ranging experience with a deep understanding of Not-for-Profit technology mandates.

New Path’s talent pool of freelance professionals ranges from hard core programmers, web developers and project managers to graphic designers, communication specialists, fund raising strategists, product managers and business development specialists. As a highly networked virtual consultancy, they can deploy projects with extreme flexibility and deliver affordable solutions.

New Path has a structured framework for each meeting consisting of a “Welcome and new business”, round-table 60 second introductions, a Professional Development Segment and a free-form networking session at the end of each meeting with light food and cocktails. For the Professional Development segments, the group invites speakers from both inside and outside the NewPath network to present on real issues that touch its members as freelance and independent business people. On occasion, the group brings in business celebrities and leading authorities.

Meet them virtually at our LinkedIn group or at www.newpathconsulting.com

Kensel Tracy is the Marketing Coach at the Corporate Coachworkz Inc. in Chelsea, Quebec and the President of Business Over Breakfast ( BoB Clubs) Clubs in North America. If you have an interesting networking story about anyone or anything in Canada, he can be contacted at kenselt@bobclubs.com.

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