Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Olympics Have Come and Gone In Vancouver, But Networking Contiues On

Canada’s Olympic host city Vancouver is once again on the networking agenda this month. In keeping with the trend in writing stories about Western Canada, this month’s column focuses on Vancouver and the Vancouver Business Network Forum. The Vancouver Business Network Forum (VBNF) is a dynamic, fast growing multi-cultural Business Networking Group based in Burnaby, B.C.

Its primary goal is to enable business people to benefit from the mutual sharing of valuable information and experience, gained through VBNF connections, working together to achieve the maximum degree of success possible, and at the same time to provide shared, and effective, cost-saving services.

Since its inception in January 2005, the VBNF has expanded its membership to three active chapters, namely: VBNF - Vancouver, VBNF – Burnaby and the VBNF – Chinese which focuses exclusively on Vancouver’s Chinese business community

The VBNF is also in the process of exploring and developing potential business connections with world-wide trading partners, enabling the organization to create new commerce and employment opportunities in B.C. and Canada

The purpose of the forum is to provide an equal opportunity for all participants of the network to promote their products and services regardless of their origin and race. This is truly reflective of the new attitude in Canada where many of Canada’s newest business people are from throughout the world and the far east and have gravitated to Canada to open shop in one of the world’s truly great democracies.

In Canada we have a cultural melting pot where business people of all backgrounds try to work together. This multicultural approach is truly reflected with the VBNF. The VBNF sees itself as the most effective and fun focused business networking group in Vancouver. Members and guests can attend free business seminars, networking meetings and a variety of community and business building and networking events. Meetings are held monthly and rotate throughout the three chapters.

Member services include business consultation, web development, web hosting, and assistance with payment systems, advertising in online and printed member’s directories, networking and business building both locally and internationally. For those interested in starting a business in Vancouver or moving your business there this may be a great networking group to get started with.

If you would like more information on the Vancouver Business Network Forum you can reach them virtually at

Kensel Tracy is a Senior Partner and the Marketing Coach at the Corporate Coachworkz Inc. located in Chelsea, Quebec and is President of Business Over Breakfast Clubs of North America opening up Networking Clubs in every City in Canada and the USA. If you have a story of interest please contact him at

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